IRC Music Bot


Sometimes I hang out in an IRC channel with fellow musicians. So I wrote a handy bot that does a couple musical things...

tl;dr: irc-bot




Causes the bot to /quit the network entirely


Prints out the URL to this page!


Prints the github URL of the code for this bot

convert name or number

Converts between midinum and ISO note formats

patch number (or partial name)

Prints out the name of a MIDI musical instrument for a patch number or

Prints out the MIDI instrument name and patch number for a name fragment

freq note number

Prints out the number of overtone frequencies above the given note

motif number [duration pool]

Prints a randomized phrase with notes in the key of C with durations

vov Roman numeral phrase

Prints chords in the key of C, representing the given Roman numeral phrase

For example: vov I ii V/V

chord C C# D D# ... B

Prints a chord name given the notes

notes C [C7|CM7|...]

Prints the notes of a given named chord

interval C C# D [D# ...]

interval a/b c/d e/f, where a-f are integers

Prints the intervals between the given two or three named pitches or ratios

For example: interval 1/1 5/4 3/2

ratio C [G, F, pm3, pM3 ...]

ratio 1/1 [3/2, 4/3, 32/27, 81/64 ...]

Prints the description and numeric ratio for the given named pitch or the pitch name for a given numeric ratio

Please see the long list of named intervals and ratios here

key 1b [1#|2b|2#|...]

Prints the named key given the number of accidentals

key F [A|Gb|D#|...]

Prints the number of accidentals given a named key

scale note scale

Prints the notes of the given scale

Please see the list of scales here

hit yyyymmdd

Finds the Billboard #1 hit song for that date

fingering D3 m

Show the fingerings for the note and chord

Please see the known chords here

fret x02220 1

Prints the URL to a guitar fretboard diagram given the fingering and neck position arguments

bwv number (or an appendix name like "Anh.208")

Prints the information on the Bach composition

Please see the list of Bach works for more information.

bwv url number (or an appendix like "Anh_208")

Prints the URL for the Bach composition

Note that The "em dash" must be used if needing a hyphen in the argument e.g. Anh.133–150.

play [number [number]] phrase

Creates an MP3 file given the arguments: BPM, repeats, and a note phrase with embedded patch, volume and panning changes

A note is represented by a letter and optional accidental (# or b), the octave number, and then a period followed by a duration (e.g. wn, hn, dqn, ten, d96, etc.).

The d96 duration is the "raw tick" value of the handy abbreviations. These may be used for tied notes. 96 ticks are equal to one quarter note. d336 would be a tie of 3.5 notes.

Volume changes are indicated with a ~ symbol. Patch changes are indicated with ^. Panning is !. Each can be from 0 to 127.

For example: play 70 2 ^0 ~100 C4.en C4.en G4.en G4.en ^70 ~127 A4.en A4.en G4.qn

The BPM and repeats arguments are optional. If left off they will default to 100 and 2, respectively.

If there are no patch changes, a piano will be used.

Also, named chords are supported, and are indicated with a = symbol. Octaves are given by a period followed by the number of the octave. The duration is further specified with another period followed by a duration. If not given, they default to octave 4 and duration wn.

For example: play 100 2 ^24 =C =F =G =G =F =C

Another example: play =C7.5.qn =Dm7.5.qn =G.5.qn =G7.5.qn =F7.5.qn =C.5.qn

Please see the list of chord names here

perc [number [number]] phrase

Creates an MP3 file given the arguments: BPM, repeats, and percussion phrase

Volume changes are indicated with a ~ symbol.

For example: perc 120 4 kick.qn snare.qn kick.en kick.en snare.qn

Two simultaneous strikes can be achieved in a () group:

perc (kick closed_hh).qn (snare closed_hh).qn (kick closed_hh).en kick.en (snare closed_hh).qn

Please see the percussion instrument names here (and ignore the rest of that document)

Conveniently, these abbreviations may be used when making a phrase:

oh => open_hh
ch => closed_hh
ph => pedal_hh
c1 => crash1
c2 => crash2
cn => china
sp => splash
r1 => ride1
r2 => ride2
rb => ride_bell
sn => snare
es => electric_snare
ht => hi_tom
mt => hi_mid_tom
ft => hi_floor_tom
bd => kick
eb => electric_bass

range instrument

Prints the note-octave range for the given instrument

Instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass, trumpet, trombone, french_horn, tuba, piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, alto_sax, tenor_sax, baritone_sax, bassoon, harp, harpsichord, piano, xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone, timpani, marimba, guitar